Netflix Teams up with Facebook


Netflix has partnered with Facebook allowing users to share and recommend TV shows and movies with their friends.

As of today, Netflix users will have the ability to privately share their recommendations with their friends using the social network.

The share feature will be fully integrated into Netflix so when you finish watching a show or movie you will be given the option to skim through your Facebook contacts and send a recommendation.

“You know that feeling when you’ve watched something really great, something that moves you or makes you laugh, and you immediately think of someone else who would love it too? It’s a feeling of wanting your friends and family to enjoy the show as much as you did,” stated Cameron Johnson who is the product innovation director at Netflix.

One interesting thing about the recommendations is that Netflix is promising users full privacy, meaning that your endorsements will never be shared on your public news feed.

The new feature is currently available on the Netflix website and on the iPad, iPhone, Playstation3,  Xbox and a number of set top boxes.

Apple Works to Rectify iCloud Hack

apple logo

Apple has been facing some harsh criticism after celebrity iCloud accounts were hacked over the weekend.

The hack saw intimate images of stars such as Jennifer Lawrence leaked over the internet and now Apple is working to investigate how it all happened.

According to sources, Apple is working directly with celebrities and their publicists to rectify the sensitive situation. A spokesperson at Apple has already claimed that the vulnerability that allowed the hacker to get through has been hacked but there has been no formal word on exactly what happened.

Some believe that since the hacker was able to access multiple accounts that the operation is much more sophisticated than Apple wants us to believe. Some stars such as Mary. E Winstead ever took to Twitter to say many of her leaked photos had been deleted- “Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this…”

Along with Apple, the FBI is also looking into the iCloud attack however they are yet to disclose if they are opening a full investigation just yet.

Despite the safety measures that are now in place, the hack has definitely created concern among both businesses and personal users.


DrinkMate is a tiny plug in breathalyzer for Android

Imagine a device that you can plug into your smart phone to detect your blood alcohol level. Well, now that is a reality with Drink Mate.

DrinkMate is a device that plugs into your Android phone and allows you to detect your blood alcohol level on the go.

This is a great device for when you are out drinking and you are not sure if you are quite over the edge or not.

This is not the first time we’ve seen smartphone breathalyzer’s, we have seen them before in Alcohoot for the iPhone. DrinkMate is a lot smaller and cheaper. It also claims to capitalize on the accuracy part of the equation. It is supposedly accurate down to the +/- 0.01 BAC.

The sensor maxes out at .20% BAC (blood alcohol content), but if you are more drunk than that you are not going to be able to use the device, let alone find your car keys.


Mozilla Debuts $33 Smartphone


Mozilla Firefox OS has launched a new smartphone in India for just $33.

The new handset, titled “Cloud FX” stemmed from the partnership between Mozilla and Intex Technologies.

The phone has 4GB memory, bluetooth and supports both Hindi and Tamil.

Intex’s director of marketing, Keshav Bensal said “with the launch of Intex Cloud FX we aim to enable the masses to get smartphone experience at the cost of a feature phone.”

India now has the third-highest smartphones sales in the world and is trailing only behind the US and China.

While Mozilla has tapped into the lower-end handset market they are not the only company aiming to profit out of it. Google has also announced a comparable model for less than $100.

Mozilla’s president Li Gong stated, “Firefox OS smartphones in the ultra -low cost category will redefine the entry level smartphone and create strong momentum in Asia.”


GoPro for your Pooch

gopro dog

Want to see what your beloved pooch is up to? Why not strap a GoPro around his waist….

The newest GoPro accessory will allow users to see what the world looks like from their dog’s point of view.

Titled, GoPro Fetch, the new washable harness can be adjusted to dogs and breeds of all sizes. It comes with two mounts and shows an over the head shot and point of view shot.

GoPro has announced that the new product will enable dog users to “document a variety of pet activities on land and in water.”

They continued to state that the “adaptability and versatility of GoPro cameras make them the perfect device to document life from a dog’s point of view.”

Paul Osborne, the senior director of product management also announced that the company couldn’t wait to “see the images and videos that owners will capture and share.”

GoPro Fetch will retail for $59.99.

Google Wants Drones to Deliver your Packages

drone tech

Amazon is not the only one testing drones as Google announces that it too wants drones to deliver your packages.

Last year Amazon made quite the media splash when it revealed it was testing drones to deliver small packages. Now however, Google has announced that they are doing the same in order to compete with the e-commerce giant.

Google’s new project has been dubbed “Project Wing” and is currently aiming to deliver products to consumers by way of drones.

The tech giant has been working to expand their e-commerce services in the last year, offering same day delivery shopping services and faster delivery.

Despite these recent developments with drone technology, it may be still a few years before consumers will have access to them.


Samsung Announces New Curved Smartwatch

samsung smartwatch Gear S

Samsung has just announced their new curved smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S.

Just as news broke that Apple was planning to debut their new wearable, Samsung has announced that they are releasing a new and updated smartwatch.

The new Gear S will feature a curved, Super AMOLED display that is 2 inches and has 360 x 480 pixels. It will also come with built in Wi-Fi capabilities and cellular 3D, meaning that it can connect without the use of a smartphone.

The new model will also see the return of a number of features from the original Gear 2 model including the style, wristband and the operating system.

Like the Gear 2, the Gear S will run on Tizen, Samsung’s own operating system that is independent from Google’s Android. It has been stated however, that Samsung is looking to also release an Android compatible smartwatch in the near future.

The new Gear S is expected to go on sale by October 2014, meaning that it will probably compete directly with Apple’s new wearable.

Instagram’s New Hyperlapse App


Instagram’s latest app, Hyperlapse has just been released and allows users to capture time lapse videos.

Even though the number of photo and video sharing apps have been rapidly increasing, Instagram did not shy away from releasing a new video app that allows users to manipulate the speed of their footage.

While the app provides a few minutes of fun for those wanting to watch themselves in fast-forward, the intricate technology behind the app has been applauded.

The videos have the ability to stabilize themselves instantly using a special algorithm.

“Our stabilization algorithm computes the smoothest camera motion possible while also ensuring that a frame is never changed, such that regions outside the frame become visible in the final video,” stated Instagram’s engineers.

The new app is currently available to download for iOS.

Microsoft to Offer Kinect for $149

microsoft logo

Microsoft is offering users a chance to purchase a stand alone Kinect system for $149. 

On October 7th, customers will have the opportunity to purchase the motion-sensing camera system, Kinect independently of the Xbox.

Microsoft recently removed the Kinect system from their Xbox One console in order to drop the price and make it more competitive. This lead to speculation that the company was ditching the technology. Now however, it seems that Microsoft may have a new plan.

Kinect has been on sale since 2010 and was once a hot commodity for gamers however, it seems that its popularity has died down in recent years.

Currently there are only a handful of Kinect games so it remains to be seen if users are going to pay the $149 price tag.

Apple To Unveil Smartwatch and New iPhones

apple logo

Apple has plans to host a press event on September 9th to showcase their new iPhone and to celebrate the launch of their iWatch.

According to sources, Apple is going to unveil their new smartwatch on Sept 9th as well as two new iPhones which are believed to have a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch display.

The new wearable device is also expected to showcase Apple’s HealthKit and HomeKit which will allow users to monitor their health and fitness and control the security and energy of their home.

Invites for the event are yet to go out however, the company typically releases them a week before the event.